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When it came time to replace my first Apple Watch, it occurred to me that for what I would spend every several years replacing a smartwatch, I could probably buy one watch that would last me a lifetime. It’s funny now to think I was naive enough to believe that one mechanical watch would save me in the long run. No sooner than I had that Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date on the wrist, I went back to the internet looking for my next piece.

That was 4.5 years ago and the passion for watch collecting has continued to grow. There’s so much history to learn from heritage brands, connections to real world events, passionate upstart micro brands, reissues of classics, vintage pieces and so much more to keep the inquisitive mind learning in this hobby.

There are many platforms that review watches and I frequent them. When I started thinking about whether or not I wanted to make some small contribution to the Watch Community, it occurred to me that it’s the way people think about watches and collect them that really fascinates me. I figured if I could share my “thoughts on watches” and how I go about reflecting on choosing and enjoying watches, perhaps it would resonate with some collectors and even give me a chance to learn from others about their thoughts on watches.

This site represents at least a few of my thoughts on watches and I look forward to hearing more about how you think about watches as well!

Andy J.
Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA

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Reflections on the Process of Choosing and Enjoying Watches


Reflections on the process of choosing and enjoying watches.